Convergence of Food and Beverage Professionals

The FBMA London Network Event brought together passionate food and beverage professionals for an unforgettable evening at the historic National Liberal Club.

The National Liberal Club in London set the stage for a notable gathering of food and beverage (F&B) professionals and industry experts, hosted by the Food and Beverage Managers Association (FBMA) of London on April 15, 2024. Led by Vice Chairman of FBMA London, Antonio Vigorito, this event marked the second meeting of the year, showcasing the organisation’s dedication to cultivating excellence across the F&B sector.

Fostering Connection and Collaboration

Under the leadership of Chairman Roy Sommer, the FBMA London Network event fostered an atmosphere of camaraderie and collaboration among attendees. With this being the second gathering of the year, members reaffirmed their dedication to hospitality excellence while forging valuable connections within the industry.

The FBMA London Network Event provided a platform for passionate food and beverage professionals to convene at the historic National Liberal Club, offering an evening that would leave a lasting impression.

Attendees from various sectors of the F&B industry were warmly welcomed, setting the tone for an evening filled with energy and enthusiasm. Professionals seized the opportunity to exchange ideas, discuss the latest trends, and glean insights from their peers, making valuable connections along the way

The FBMA London Network Event was a gathering of professionals from different sectors of the food and beverage industry. The purpose of this event was to provide a platform for exchanging ideas and building connections. Attendees were warmly welcomed by the organisers and the event kicked off with great energy and enthusiasm. The event was a great opportunity for professionals to discuss the latest trends, share their experiences, and learn from each other. Overall, it was a successful event that brought together professionals from the food and beverage industry to share their knowledge and make valuable connections.

The FBMA London Network Event convened a distinguished group of F&B professionals, underscoring the association’s commitment to elevating industry standards. This gathering underscored FBMA’s dedication to elevating industry standards, providing a supportive platform for sharing experiences and innovative approaches, and fostering growth and collaboration among industry peers.

The historic National Liberal Club served as the perfect stage for this exquisite event, enveloping the attendees in an atmosphere of sophistication with its iconic architecture and elegant interiors. The charismatic host Antonio Vigorito, who is also the Head of Food and Beverage at the National Liberal Club, led his team in delivering exceptional hospitality, ensuring that the guests had a delightful experience throughout the evening.

Highlighting Strategic Solutions from Industry Leaders


Sponsors Spotlight: The event featured engaging and insightful presentations from esteemed sponsors, offering attendees a glimpse into the latest innovations shaping the food and beverage landscape.

Whitebox Cocktails showcased handcrafted beverage artistry

At the recent FBMA London Network Event, Whitebox Cocktails stole the show, showcasing their unparalleled expertise in crafting exquisite canned cocktails. Renowned as the UK’s leading canned cocktail company, Whitebox Cocktails has perfected the art of convenience without compromising on quality. Their single-serve creations redefine classic cocktails, offering a sophisticated drinking experience in seconds. From the timeless elegance of the Dirty Martini to the refreshing twist of the Pocket Negroni, each concoction reflects meticulous craftsmanship and premium ingredients.

Whitebox Cocktails seamlessly blends convenience with sophistication, ensuring that indulgence is always within reach, whether you’re mingling at an event or unwinding after a long day. In a world where libations reign supreme, Whitebox Cocktails sets the standard, inviting us to savour life’s moments, one sip at a time.

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IRIS Guest Experience Platform: Elevating Hospitality Excellence

The IRIS multilingual hotel guest app showcased its innovative guest experience platform at a recent event, demonstrating how it is poised to transform the hospitality industry. This platform goes beyond simply providing a tool it is a true game-changer in operational excellence. IRIS revolutionises operations through features such as self-ordering, allowing guests to easily place food and beverage orders directly from their mobile devices.

This frees up staff time while ensuring prompt service delivery. Additionally, its multilingual capabilities eliminate language barriers by enabling guests to navigate menus, make requests, and communicate seamlessly in their preferred language.

Hotels across various regions have embraced IRIS for its ability to boost efficiency, permitting staff to focus on personalised guest interactions while seamlessly handling orders and requests through the platform. IRIS also drives revenue growth by enhancing on-property food and beverage sales as guests explore interactive menu options and discover new offerings. With its seamless integration capabilities and exceptional service delivery, IRIS plays a key role in elevating the overall guest experience for hotels, delivering both delighted patrons and improved operational results.

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Unrooted Drinks: A Dynamic Blend of Sustainability and Innovation

Unrooted Drinks is a dynamic force in the non-alcoholic beverage industry, distinguished by its commitment to sustainability, innovation, and exceptional quality. At the recent FBMA London Network Event, they showcased a diverse range of beverages that captivated attendees with their unique flavours and meticulous craftsmanship. From invigorating citrus infusions to soothing herbal blends, each drink is a testament to Unrooted Drinks’ dedication to pushing boundaries and delivering a memorable drinking experience.

Beyond taste, sustainability lies at the heart of their ethos, with eco-friendly packaging and support for local communities embedded into their core values. As consumers increasingly seek healthier options, Unrooted Drinks rises to the occasion, offering guilt-free indulgence without compromising on flavour. With their unwavering focus on excellence and sustainability, Unrooted Drinks continues to make waves in the beverage industry, promising consumers a sip of something extraordinary with every bottle.

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DolceVita Wines: Unveiling Italy’s Essence in Every Glass

Stepping into the world of DolceVita Wines, a distinguished presence at the recent FBMA London Network Event. More than just a wine purveyor, DolceVita Wines is a leading importer and distributor of Italian wines in the UK with a mission to introduce Londoners to a diverse portfolio of Italian wineries that share a common belief: that wine should enrich both body and mind through its natural transformation from grapes to wine, without any additives

With a hand-picked selection of 200 Italian wines from 46 wineries across 19 regions in Italy, DolceVita Wines celebrates the rich heritage and craftsmanship defining Italy’s winemaking tradition. Each bottle reflects Italy’s diverse terroir, inviting connoisseurs to explore Tuscany’s rolling hills and Sicily’s coastal allure with every sip.

Moreover, Dolce Vita Wine Club caters to health-conscious clients through a selection of low histamine wines. This thoughtful inclusion ensures that even those with histamine allergies can indulge in the pleasures of Italian wine without compromise. With Dolce Vita, every glass represents not just a drink but a journey through Italy’s cultural and culinary landscapes, promising a taste of the sweet life—Dolce Vita—with each sip.

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Highlighting the Future: Inspiring Insights from Industry Leaders

Esteemed leaders from the Food and Beverage Managers Association of London, and other renowned industry figures, took centre stage to provide insights into recent events and trends shaping the F&B industry. They shared their experiences and knowledge, discussing topics such as sustainability, technology advancements, and evolving consumer preferences. 

The speakers emphasised the importance of innovation, adaptability, and collaboration in staying ahead in the dynamic F&B landscape. Professionals from different facets of the industry seized the opportunity to exchange contact information, explore potential collaborations, and strengthen their professional networks.

Collaboration with Consorzio di Lugana

FBMA London seized the opportunity to announce its collaboration with Consorzio di Lugana, a prestigious Italian consortium dedicated to showcasing the exceptional wines of the Lugana region. Their joint initiative, Lugana on Tour UK, promises attendees an immersive experience—a captivating journey through Italy’s renowned vineyards. Set to include tastings, masterclasses, and insightful discussions on Lugana’s unique terroir, this event series is set to take place at various locations across the UK.

Next Lugana On Tour UK is kicking off in Manchester on June 18th, the tour then moves to Birmingham on September 17th. Each city offers its own vibrant backdrop for exploration, with ample opportunities for industry professionals and wine enthusiasts alike to connect and indulge in the excellence of Lugana wines.

Explore further in our accompanying blog post!

Cambridge Distillery Adventure: Mark Your Calendars

FBMA London announced an exclusive excursion to the Cambridge Distillery, which is scheduled for June 15th. The upcoming event promises to be more than just a tasting; it will be a captivating journey into the realm of craftsmanship and alchemical artistry. Attendees will have the opportunity to witness the meticulous transformation of botanicals and experience the creation of exquisite elixirs using copper stills and closely guarded recipes.

Participants are sure to be enthralled, as the distillery visit offers an immersive exploration of tasting notes that unravel stories of tradition and innovation, appealing to both the palate and the intellect. The FBMA is committed to showcasing the artistry and excellence of the F&B industry. This adventure is a day filled with discovery, learning, and celebration. Members and enthusiasts are encouraged to mark their calendars for June 15th and join FBMA on this unforgettable journey into the world of spirits craftsmanship.

Stay Connected with IFBA: Your Industry Guide

During the FBMA London event, attendees received valuable insights into the benefits of joining the International Food & Beverage Association (IFBA) network. The IFBA offers a plethora of resources, providing members and associates with access to a vast repository of knowledge and information.

It’s more than just a professional network—it’s a welcoming community that extends its reach to partners and associates, fostering inclusivity at every level.

Discover a Wealth of Resources with the IFBA Newsletter

Attendees were encouraged to subscribe to the IFBA newsletter, a valuable tool for staying informed about the latest developments in the F&B industry. Accessible via a QR code or the Subscribe Page on the IFBA website, the newsletter serves as a reliable compass, guiding members and associates toward essential insights and updates on upcoming events, emerging trends, and industry innovations.

Keeping abreast of these developments is crucial for professionals looking to maintain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving F&B landscape, and the IFBA newsletter ensures they’re always in the know.

Celebrating Excellence and Exploration

The FBMA London Network event was a resounding success, as it managed to bring together a highly diverse group of professionals from the food and beverage industry, transcending the boundaries of a mere networking event. The event showcased excellence, innovation, and the limitless possibilities that exist in food and beverage management. The success of the event was largely due to the invaluable support of its sponsors, who played a significant role in curating the experience.

As we look forward to the next FBMA event, we can expect it to continue the momentum of meaningful connections and innovative strides in food and beverage management. The event has set a benchmark for the industry and has shown how collaboration can lead to innovative solutions in the food and beverage industry. In the ever-evolving landscape of food and beverage, events like the FBMA London Network serve as catalysts, propelling the industry towards a future defined by visionary leadership, dedicated members, and an unwavering pursuit of excellence.





























































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