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International Food & Beverage Association is a nonprofit representation voice in the global hospitality landscape.

All IFBA members and associates join forces across geographical boundaries in bringing together the best in hospitality.


International F&B Association

Brief History

The International Food & Beverage Association (IFBA) is registered as a non-profit society in Singapore on 8 February 2012 with registration number T12SS0023H. 

The IFBA is an association for associations. Its founding members were:


Food & Beverage Management Association, Singapore,


Malaysian Food & Beverage Executives Association,


Food & Beverage Management Association e.V., Germany, and


Cambodian Restaurant Association.

Build connections. Develop relationships.

Full Membership of the IFBA is open to all independent National Food and Beverage Manager and Executive Associations.

Current official members include:

  • Cambodian Restaurant Association (CRA)
  • Chengdu Bartender Association (CDBA)
  • Food & Beverage Management Association, Greece (FBMA)
  • Food & Beverage Management Association e.V., Germany (FBMA)
  • Indonesian Food and Beverage Executive Association, Bali (IFBEC)
  • Food & Beverage Manager Association of London (FBMA)
  • Malaysian Food & Beverage Executives Association (MFBEA)
  • Food & Beverage Management Association, Singapore (FBMA)
  • Food & Beverage Management Association Switzerland (FBMA)
  • International Food & Beverage Association Taiwan (TIFBA)

A Journey of Growth Towards Hospitality.

Our Mission.

Uniting global practitioners for the common goal of developing the food and beverage industry through shared knowledge based on cooperation and integration. Acknowledging that the globalization affects the way the Food and Beverage industry evolves, members of IFBA must commit to being innovative using current technologies in addressing current issues.


To promote regional and global networking

To have on- going discussion groups and
encourages open communications

To establish strong links with international bodies

Strategic Vision and Direction

Key elements and activities that consistently guide and motivative us on our journey of growth towards hospitality.  


 International Industry Growth!


Facilitating Collaboration and Creating Synergies.


Meeting the Challenges of the Next Generation!


Establishing Professional Standards Across the Globe! 


Achieve Success and Sustainable Development!


Shape the Future of the Food & Beverage Landscape!

Aims and Principles

  1. To enhance the image of the industry and professionalism level;
  2. To promote educational interests relating to hospitality;
  3. To strengthen knowledge and professionalism in food and beverage (F&B) industry;
  4. To improve work environment and processes;
  5. To create career progression through skills upgrading and development programmes;
  6. To increase overall job satisfaction and lifelong employability;
  7. To develop industry communication; and
  8. To create networking opportunities for our members.


Transparency, Integrity and Good Sense

To have sound governance, be ethical and display good sense in all activities

Pursuit of Excellence

To achieve excellence through constant innovation, ability and agility in mind and thought and consistently deliver results beyond expectations


To demonstrate professional leadership and high standards and be a role model for the Food and Beverage industry

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