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Partners and Corporate Associates

Unique opportunities; Unique benefits and outcomes for your business!

International Food & Beverage Association provides an extraordinary platform of WORLDWIDE INDUSTRY NETWORKING….. and numerous international industry events, trade shows, and exhibitions.

Meet. Connect. Associate

International Food & Beverage Association offers a unique opportunity to:
  • Access to a wide variety of productive events for professionals and companies within the food and beverage industry vertical and beyond. 
  • Gain channels of communication with international hospitality leaders. 
  • Meet targeted and highly important power-decision managers. 
  • Establish mutually beneficial commercial synergies within the industry.    
  • Maximise the value of your brands in food and beverage markets.

Exposure: Put your brand in the spotlight

  • Increase business visibility at international level.
  • Gain a strong presence in a targeted f&b platform.
  • Establish profitable business associations.
  • Gain communication channels in key markets
  • Explore opportunities in new countries.
  • Meet with international industry leaders.
  • Bring value back to your business.
  • Make important new associations with key persons in the hotel and restaurant industry.

Actionable Added Benefits

IFBA’s added benefits include;
  • Access to the association’s events and hosting venues
  • Speaking opportunities and brand presentation
  • Opportunity to present/showcase the product or the service.
  • Opportunity to organise tasting events and site tour experiences for solution providers.
  • Personalised B2B and B2C meetings with potential clients and targeted contacts.
  • Showcase your product or service on the IFBA website, including social media references, banners, and promotional material.
  • Full company introduction of products, detailed services and prices to all country members by email, newsletters, presentations, etc.
  • Sample sending at selected affiliated hotels and restaurants in key markets around the world.

International Food and Beverage Association

Unique networking opportunities to connect and collaborate with other associations, various affiliations, and interface new country markets for the solution providers and businesses within the industry.

Sponsorship Proposals

Interested in sponsoring future hospitality events? As an associate, industry partner or corporate member, we can provide a plethora of proposals and potential events for your business development as well as customising the budget accordingly.

Showcasing Products & Solutions

Interested in showcasing your products and solutions? As an associate, industry partner or corporate member, we are here to help put together a customised package that will ensure your [brand] product is reaching the hospitality executives you want it to reach. 

Worldwide Industry Networking

Position yourself at the cross-section of industry executives and innovative solution providers. IFBA brings together an extensive network platform of:


Hotel Managers


Food & Beverage Managers


General Managers


Restaurants Managers


Purchasing Managers


Catering & Cruise Managers




Restaurant Owners


Local Business Leaders


Food Bloggers & Journalists




CEOs of Food Retail Sector




Suppliers & Solution Providers


Members of Chambers and Associations

Build connections. Develop relationships. Achieve a competitive advantage in your business growth.

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