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International Food & Beverage Association is a nonprofit representation voice in the global hospitality landscape.

All IFBA members and associates join forces across geographical boundaries in bringing together the best in hospitality.


Membership Overview

As a nonprofit organization, the International Food & Beverage Association can only succeed with the active support of its members. As a member of IFBA, you become an essential part of our effort to enhance the image of the industry and professionalism level through shared knowledge and constant innovation.

Why Join?

IFBA agenda is profoundly focused on the existing and future challenges and opportunities of our members and the international food and beverage industry as a whole. Becoming a member of IFBA signals your support and commitment to helping create ethical and professional impact at all F&B communities across the globe.

Strategic Vision and Direction

Key elements and activities that consistently guide and motivative us on our journey of growth towards hospitality.  


 International Industry Growth!


Facilitating Collaboration and Creating Synergies.


Meeting the Challenges of the Next Generation!


Establishing Professional Standards Across the Globe! 


Achieve Success and Sustainable Development!


Shape the Future of the Food & Beverage Landscape!

Meet. Connect. Associate

International Food & Beverage Association invites all national associations to join our effort to make an impact on [and] towards international industry leadership and growth through our mission and objectives:
  1. To enhance the image of the industry and professionalism level;
  2. To promote educational interests relating to hospitality;
  3. To strengthen knowledge and professionalism in food and beverage (F&B) industry;
  4. To improve work environment and processes;
  5. To create career progression through skills upgrading and development programmes;
  6. To increase overall job satisfaction and lifelong employability;
  7. To develop industry communication; and
  8. To create networking opportunities for our members.

Build connections. Develop relationships. Achieve a competitive advantage in your associations’ growth.

  • Access to top international and regional events for professionals and companies within the food and beverage industry vertical and beyond.
  • Gain channels of communication with other association and international bodies.
  • Meet with international hospitality industry leaders.
  • Establish mutually beneficial synergies within the industry.
  • Increase your association recognition at international level.
  • Give your members the opportunity to explore career opportunities in new countries.

Benefits For IFBA Full Membership

Full Membership is open to all independent National Food and Beverage Manager and Executive Association or Restaurant Association.

The services and benefits of IFBA Members focus on their active, impelling and productive participation in the Association’s activities including the attendance and presence in:

  • IFBA’s Annual General Meeting
  • IFBA’s Elective Ordinary General Assembly with voting rights
  • IFBA’s Member Committee Involvement
  • IFBA’s Member Chapter Participation
As well as on numerous local, regional, and international Industry Events , Trade Shows and Exhibitions…. 

IFBA provides to its members and the hospitality industry all in all, a matrix of other essential benefits primary focused on:

  • Representation
  • Collaboration
  • Networking
  • Integration
  • Promotion
  • Development
  • Information
  • Education
  • Training

And much more…

Actionable Added Benefits

IFBA’s added benefits include;

  • Access to the IFBA’s events and hosting venues
  • Opportunities in educational programmes and certification collaboration
  • Industry events and national competitions endorsement.
  • Access to our research teams of trends and insights.
  • Direct links on the IFBA website heading back to your association website.
  • Social media references, sharing the news and events of your activities, etc..
  • Access to our media and publications, [future] data, newsletters, presentations, etc..

Unique Opportunities;

Unique Benefits and Outcomes for your professional development!

International Food & Beverage Association provides an extraordinary platform of WORLDWIDE INDUSTRY NETWORKING….. and numerous international industry events, trade shows, and exhibitions.

Professional Development

Maintaining your success. Achieve top-notch career opportunities. 
IFBA encourages constant training and lifelong learning, creativity and innovation and staying abreast of the latest trends. 


 IFBA helps food and beverage professionals improve and broaden knowledge in the field through a wide array of professional development events such as workshops, competitions, and periodical training and development meetings.


Stay informed. Access top industry insights, emerging technologies, data, and innovation.


IFBA is constantly evolving along with modern demands and training needs. Developing synergies with international educational bodies regarding professional development programmes have become essential. Soon to announce new education and certification outline.


Member pricing for training, publications, on-demand webinars, unparalleled education, and elite events will be available soon. 

Worldwide Industry Networking

Position yourself at the cross-section of industry executives and innovative solution providers. IFBA brings together an extensive network platform of:


Hotel Managers


Food & Beverage Managers


General Managers


Restaurants Managers


Purchasing Managers


Catering & Cruise Managers




Restaurant Owners


Local Business Leaders


Food Bloggers & Journalists




CEOs of Food Retail Sector




Suppliers & Solution Providers


Members of Chambers and Associations

Learn. Network. Interact.

  • Meet your peers
  • Share thoughts and ideas
  • Make meaningful new connections and…
  • Valuable contacts with industry leaders in hospitality.

Learn From Your Peer Members

Participate in instructive and insightful conversations and connections with top minds and personalities in hospitality. Share knowledge, celebrate accomplishment, and lead the field.

Lessons From Industry Leaders

Be inspired from hospitality industry leaders; benefit from tons of interactivity and group discussions; strengthen your network, share best practices and much more.

Insights From International Peers

Get different perspectives on your key challenges and hear how your international hospitality peers are tackling them.

Keep Up To Date With Trends In Your Industry

Capture latest trends.                  
Get actionable insights.      
Stay ahead of the curve.

A Journey of Growth Towards Hospitality

Evolving together
Be inspired to envision the exciting future of hospitality.

Changing Future Hospitality Landscape
Join a community of professionals working to shape the future of food and beverage.

Help Your Community Thrive

  • Shape the next generation of hospitality leaders.
  • Shape the future of the food and beverage industry.
  • Shape the evolution of hospitality standards and ethics.
  • Shape the new era of guest experiences and service culture.

Opportunities to be part of the Change

– Engage in volunteering and special committee involvement.

– Participate in society meetings and conferences.

– Support innovative events and industry awards.

– Share the best industry practices and procedures.

– Showcase the best approaches and methodology.

– Frame industry training and certification programmes.

– Contribute- to industry article writing and blogging.

– Join our information and research team activities.

– Sponsor a future regional or international event.

– Donate to support our effort to make an impact in our industry.

Share knowledge, celebrate accomplishment, and lead the field. Be part of the International Food and Beverage Community.

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