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International Food & Beverage Association is a nonprofit representation voice in the global hospitality landscape. All IFBA members and associates join forces together across geographical boundaries in order to make an impact on and towards international industry leadership and growth. Our member alliance works closely at all levels of collaborative communication both in-person and on-line.

Global Alliances

Facilitating collaboration!

– Excel in a competitive hospitality environment.

– Establish strong links with international bodies and organisations.

– Promote regional and global networking throughout the communities.

– Have ongoing discussion groups and encourages open communications.

– Keep abreast of the latest trends and be on a leading position with emerging technologies;

– Achieve excellence through constant innovation, ability and agility in mind.

– Have sound governance, be ethical and display good sense in all activities.

Strategic Leadership

Meeting the challenges!

– Impacts and challenges; Setting the strategy for the future;

– Forming a key alliance in designing organisational growth strategies.

– Growing together; Creating a common purpose to line up our goals.

– Achieving success through synergies and strategic repositioning.  

– Formulating coordinated efforts and ongoing meaningful support.

– Focusing on the international workforce and its critical issues; 

– Strategic alignment with modern demands in education and training needs. 

Making An Impact

Make an impact on and towards international industry leadership and growth


Making an Impact

As an industry authority, IFBA is dedicated to helping create ethical and professional impact at all F&B communities across the globe.


Fostering Innovation in Hospitality

Making innovation a priority in order to meet the demands of a rapidly changing industry and remain competitive in the future.


Enhancing Leadership Influence

IFBA leadership influence growth reflects upon its commitment to demonstrate professional leadership and high standards and be a role model for the Food and Beverage industry.


Raising Awareness in Supply Management.

Collaborating on efforts to lead and operate supply chains towards a more sustainable future that will not impact the environment; deplete natural resources; contribute to climate change; contribute to social inequalities or injustice.


Establishing Objectives in Sustainability and Food Waste Management

Raising awareness about the impact that food waste inflicts upon society and the environment; identify the relevant international regulatory initiatives and communication policies within IFBA to address these impacts and measures needed to achieve prevention and sustainability.

A Journey of Growth Towards Hospitality

Evolving together
Be inspired to envision the exciting future of hospitality.

Changing Future Hospitality Landscape
Join a community of professionals working to shape the future of food and beverage.

Help Your Community Thrive

  • Shape the next generation of hospitality leaders.
  • Shape the future of the food and beverage industry.
  • Shape the evolution of hospitality standards and ethics.
  • Shape the new era of guest experiences and service culture.

Opportunities to be part of the Change

– Engage in volunteering and special committee involvement.

– Participate in society meetings and conferences.

– Support innovative events and industry awards.

– Share the best industry practices and procedures.

– Showcase the best approaches and methodology.

– Frame industry training and certification programmes.

– Contribute- to industry article writing and blogging.

– Join our information and research team activities.

– Sponsor a future regional or international event.

– Donate to support our effort to make an impact in our industry.


International Food & Beverage Association

Full Membership of the IFBA is open to all independent National Food and Beverage Manager and Executive Associations

IFBA Official Members are:


Cambodia (CRA)


Chengdu, China (CDBA)


Greece (FBMA)


Germany (FBMA)


Indonesia (IFBEC)


London, UK (FBMA)


Malaysia (MFBEA)


Singapore (FBMA)


Switzerland (FBMA)


Taiwan (TIFBA)

Membership Overview

As a nonprofit organization, the International Food & Beverage Association can only succeed with the active support of its members. As a member of IFBA, you become an essential part of our effort to enhance the image of the industry and professionalism level through shared knowledge and constant innovation.

Why Join?

IFBA agenda is profoundly focused on the existed and future challenges and opportunities of our members and the international food and beverage industry as a whole. Becoming a member of IFBA signals your support and commitment to helping create ethical and professional impact at all F&B communities across the globe.

Become a Member/Join us

Share knowledge, celebrate accomplishment, and lead the field. Be part of the International Food and Beverage Community.

Learn. Network. Interact.

  • Meet your peers
  • Share thoughts and ideas
  • Make meaningful new connections and…
  • Valuable contacts with industry leaders in hospitality.
  • Stay ahead in your Professional Development.
  • Access top industry insights, emerging technologies, data, and innovation and…

Meet. Connect. Associate

International Food & Beverage Association provides an extraordinary platform of WORLDWIDE INDUSTRY NETWORKING….. and numerous international industry events, trade shows, and exhibitions.

Unique Opportunities

Unique benefits and outcomes for your professional development! Unique benefits and outcomes for your business!

Position yourself at the cross-section of industry executives and innovative solution providers. Join a community of professionals working to shape the future of food and beverage.

IFBA Brings together an Extensive Network Platform of:


Hotel Managers


Food & Beverage Managers


General Managers


Restaurants Managers


Purchasing Managers


Catering & Cruise Managers




Restaurant Owners


Local Business Leaders


Food Bloggers & Journalists




CEOs of Food Retail Sector




Suppliers & Solution Providers


Members of Chambers and Associations

Let’s explore opportunities and possibilities together.

Let’s Stay in Touch

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SIGEP 2024: The Dolce World Expo in Asia 


Get ready for a F&B and Ho.Re.Ca. foodservice journey like never before!

We are thrilled to invite you to join us at SIGEP Asia and Restaurant Asia, co-located with Speciality Food & Drinks Asia, Speciality Coffee & Tea Asia and Food2Go Asia – the unmissable boutique event celebrating the best in F&B and Ho.Re.Ca. foodservice.

Register now to meet the finest coffee & tea, gelato and pastry brands and a dedicated showcase of restaurant, kitchen and culinary equipment from 26 – 28 June 2024 at the Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Singapore.

With 350 exhibitors, 9,000sqm and 10,000 buyers, be at the prime destination for the vibrant ASEAN F&B industry.


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