Unveiling Future Trends and Sustainable Strategies

In a rapidly evolving hospitality landscape, where new trends, challenges, and opportunities emerge continuously, innovation and strategic growth are more critical than ever.

The IFBA Roundtable Talk Show SIGEP 2024, scheduled for 27th June at the Marina Bay Sands Expo & Exhibition Centre in Singapore, aims to address these pivotal changes. With a rich agenda featuring renowned speakers, this event promises to immerse industry professionals in the latest insights and pioneering trends, covering emerging markets, unparalleled customer service, and the critical need for sustainable practices.

Technology Innovation in Hospitality

Mr. Maxim Tint, Founder and CEO of Gtrip, leads a forward-looking session that delves into the transformative impact of technology on the hospitality industry. From AI and IoT to blockchain and virtual reality, Tint will explore how these technologies are not just trends but essentials in enhancing guest experiences, optimising operations, and elevating revenue growth.

The focus will also extend to technology innovations that promote resource efficiency and environmental sustainability. Tint’s expertise will provide attendees with a deep understanding of how cutting-edge technologies can redefine the hospitality landscape, encouraging industry professionals to embrace innovation as a core strategy for future success.

Regional Education Initiatives for the Hospitality Industry

Ms. Jennifer Ong, Founder & CEO of HAPA® Group, will lead a crucial discussion on the role of education in developing future leaders within the hospitality industry.

She will highlight regional educational initiatives that bring to the forefront innovative partnerships and programs tailored to foster skills, knowledge, and a forward-thinking attitude. Jennifer’s keen interest in professional growth and certification across coaching disciplines will inform her emphasis on how education propels excellence and prompts sustainable consumption trends and developments in hospitality. Her presentation aims to showcase the significant influence of educational advancement and its power to transform the industry.

Sustainable Practices and Corporate Social Responsibility

Dr. Han Bin, Chairman of the Asia Pacific Hotel Alliance and the Institute of Hospitality Management Singapore, will lead an insightful session on the critical roles of sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the modern hospitality industry. This comprehensive discussion will highlight the industry’s shift towards embedding sustainable initiatives, policies, and practices that not only aim to reduce environmental impact but also prioritize social equity and boost community engagement.

 Dr. Han Bin will showcase how these integrated approaches not only fulfill the sector’s obligation to drive positive societal change but also cater to evolving business operations and customer expectations. The 2024 event will serve as a platform for Dr. Han Bin to accentuate the significance of environmental considerations in strategic business planning, making a strong case for the hospitality industry’s transition towards a sustainable and socially responsible future.

Customer Experience and Service Excellence

Mr. Lens Gwee, President of Food and Beverage Management of Singapore, will offer his seasoned insights on the crucial nature of customer experience and service excellence. Navigating beyond traditional concepts of service, Gwee will explore the dynamic shifts in customer loyalty and illuminate how innovative service models and proactive engagement strategies can revolutionise customer interactions.

Attendees will gain insights into leveraging analytics and feedback mechanisms to anticipate customer preferences, thereby creating more meaningful and personalised customer encounters. Additionally, Gwee will address changing consumer behaviors towards sustainability, highlighting its growing influence on customer expectations and business practices.

Collaboration and Innovation Ecosystems

Mr. Will Yeo, COO of YY Group Holding, is set to illuminate the integral role of collaboration and innovation ecosystems in driving transformative change within the food and beverage industry. Through his discourse, Yeo will underscore the pivotal impact of cross-sector partnerships, innovation hubs, and the power of collective problem-solving as key drivers of creativity, growth, and sustainability. Leveraging his extensive leadership experience, he will advocate for unified strategies that not only champion innovation but also prioritize resource efficiency and environmental consciousness.

Additionally, Yeo will explore the ripple effects of such collaborative innovations on consumer engagement and the broader societal benefits, emphasising the importance of building a resilient and forward-thinking industry.

Emerging Markets and Growth Opportunities


In an engaging panel discussion featuring a distinguished panel of industry stalwarts including Mr. Wu Honghua, Director of the Cultural and Tourism Working Committee of the China Association for Promotion of Ethnic Trade; Ms. Jennifer Ong, CEO of HAPA Group; Dr. Han Bin, Chairman of the Asia Pacific Hotel Alliance; Mr. Raymond Ang, General Manager North & South East Asia, Virtuoso; Jocelyn Chng, Chairman and Group CEO of JR Group Holdings; and Mr. Cheong Hai Poh, President of the International Food & Beverage Association (IFBA), attendees will explore the vast potential that emerging markets hold. This session promises not only to outline new avenues for growth but also to illustrate strategic approaches for market expansion. It’s an opportunity to explore strategic approaches for market expansion and to understand how adapting to consumer preferences and market dynamics can be a game-changer for businesses.

 The collaborative expertise of the panel aims to equip participants with innovative insights and strategies for successfully navigating the complexities of emerging markets, ensuring they are well-positioned to leverage opportunities and drive significant growth in their operations. Their combined perspectives will reveal actionable strategies for capitalising on market dynamics and consumer preferences.

Networking Break and Media Interview Sessions

The event will conclude with a networking break, offering attendees the chance to connect with peers, share insights, and lay the groundwork for future collaborations. Media interviews will provide a platform for leaders to share their visions and experiences, enriching the dialogue initiated at the roundtable. 

Unlock Your Potential at IFBA Roundtable Talk Show SIGEP 2024

For anyone involved in the hospitality industry—from hoteliers to restaurant owners, from startup entrepreneurs to established multinational executives, from workforce institutes to educational leaders—the IFBA Roundtable Talk Show 2024 is an indispensable event that promises to actively shape the future of the industry. With a rich agenda filled with insights from renowned speakers, the event will focus on technology innovation, education, sustainability, customer experience, and collaboration.

Secure Your Place and Lead the Change


We hope you’re as excited as we are for the IFBA Roundtable Talk Show at SIGEP Asia, Restaurant Asia, and Specialty Asia 2024. Scheduled for June 27th at the Marina Bay Sands Expo & Exhibition Centre, this event is set to inspire a new wave of hospitality excellence.

Download the Event Brochure: Click here to view the brochure

Admission is complimentary, but space is limited. Ensure your participation by registering early. 

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