Celebrating London FBMA’s Success with the Lugana on Tour UK

The International Food and Beverage Association (IFBA) is delighted to shine a spotlight on an esteemed member of the food and beverage community, the F&B Managers Association of London, and their recent collaboration with Consorzio di Lugana Doc.


Exploring Exquisite Flavors and Forging Industry Bonds

The launch of the “Lugana On Tour UK” marks a significant stride in efforts to elevate the presence of Lugana wines in the UK market. Spearheaded by the visionary Chairman and Founder of FBMA London, Roy Sommer and its dedicated team, alongside Consorzio di Lugana, this initiative highlights a steadfast commitment to nurturing mutually beneficial relationships within the food and beverage industry.

London’s Culinary Extravaganza

The journey began with great enthusiasm in London on March 19th, where the Lugana On Tour UK orchestrated an unforgettable culinary experience at the prestigious Mosimann’s Private Dining Club. Beyond indulging in the delectable tasting of Lugana’s exquisite flavours, the event forged genuine connections within the industry, bringing together wine enthusiasts, connoisseurs, and culinary aficionados in a shared appreciation for exceptional gastronomy.

Setting the Stage for Culinary Excellence

The storied history of the club, renowned for hosting discerning patrons and culinary luminaries, served as a fitting backdrop for an evening of epicurean indulgence. Here, amidst the club’s distinguished halls, the fusion of Lugana wines with meticulously crafted dishes unfolded as a testament to the timeless pursuit of culinary excellence.


Within the elegant confines of Mosimann’s guests indulged in a sensory journey experiencing the nuanced flavours of Lugana wines expertly paired with discerning ingredients. Each bite, thoughtfully paired with its corresponding wine, revealed a narrative of flavours that captivated the senses and fostered meaningful connections among attendees. This inaugural dinner not only delighted the palate but also celebrated the rich tapestry of culinary artistry, drawing inspiration from the allure of Lugana wines and the ambiance of this iconic venue.

Exclusive Dinners, Exquisite Experiences

The decision to host three exclusive dinners in major UK cities – London, Birmingham, and Manchester – was a testament to the strategic approach taken by FBMA and its partners. Each event was meticulously planned to provide guests with an unforgettable experience, from the elegant setting to the carefully curated menu. But more than that, these dinners served as a platform for meaningful interactions between importers, F&B Directors, renowned Lugana producers, and influential members of the wine press, fostering dialogue and partnerships that would shape the future of Lugana wines in the UK.

Building Momentum

Manchester – June 18th: The tour ventures onward to Manchester, where the vibrant wine scene eagerly awaits. This bustling city provides an ideal setting for continued exploration of Lugana wines, offering ample opportunities to connect with a diverse array of industry professionals and enthusiasts.

Birmingham – September 17th: The tour reaches its pinnacle in Birmingham, providing a last chance for wine enthusiasts to indulge in the excellence of Lugana wines. As the warmth of summer fades, Birmingham sets the stage for an unforgettable wine tasting experience, offering a fitting finale to this remarkable journey.

A Global Journey of Excellence

Year after year, Lugana solidifies its position as one of Italy’s most esteemed white wines on the global stage. Its growing reputation is attributed to Lugana’s unique characteristics—its refreshing, vibrant profile, subtle hints of salinity, and exceptional versatility in food pairings. These distinct qualities have cultivated a loyal following among wine enthusiasts worldwide, propelling Lugana to sustained success and increasing demand.

Brief History of Lugana DOC: A Rising Star 

With a rich heritage steeped in tradition and excellence, Lugana DOC has made significant strides in the global wine market. Notably, its international impact is underscored by impressive export figures, with an astounding 70% of production distributed to over 67 countries worldwide. While Lugana holds a firm footing in the European market, its allure extends far beyond geographical borders, captivating wine lovers on every continent. This widespread distribution stands as a testament to Lugana’s universal appeal, showcasing its ability to transcend cultural boundaries and resonate with diverse palates across the globe.

Considered one of Italy’s white wines that has aging potential, Turbiana reflects the region where it is grown. 

– Mark Stock, Vinepair

Strategic Partnership: Elevating Lugana Wines Across the UK with London FBMA

Following a comprehensive exploration of the Lugana region during FBMA’s visit in 2023, it became evident that there existed untapped potential for Lugana wines to gain prominence within the UK wine scene. Recognising this opportunity, FBMA, in partnership with Beacon.srl and the Consorzio di Lugana DOC, embarked on a mission to curate an immersive culinary experience that would not only showcase the exceptional quality of Lugana wines but also educate and engage key stakeholders within the UK wine industry.


Cheers to a Bright Future

The International Food & Beverage Association is thrilled to endorse this initiative, recognising the significant opportunity for Lugana wines to flourish in the UK market and globally. As we celebrate the success of the FBMA London deal and the Lugana On Tour UK, our dedication to fostering collaboration and innovation within the food and beverage industry remains unwavering. Alongside our esteemed partners, we raise our glasses high, toasting not only to the present achievements but also to the bright future that awaits Lugana wines and the enduring legacy of Italian winemaking excellence. 

Congratulations to the London FBMA Team! Here’s to a successful partnership and a bright future ahead!

Highlights of  the Lugana on Tour Mosimann’s London












































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