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Celebrating Leadership Excellence in the Indonesian Food & Beverage Sector

We are excited to share exhilarating news from our extended family at the Indonesian Food and Beverage Executive Association (IFBEC). On Tuesday, 14th May 2024, in a momentous ceremony in Jakarta, Ketut Darmayasa, a distinguished member of the IFBA committee, was officially inaugurated as the General Chairman of the Central Executive Board of IFBEC National.

Taking over from Ramson Ambarita, Ketut’s election marks a promising new chapter and continues IFBEC’s strong legacy, fostering a period of growth and innovation aimed particularly at enhancing Indonesia’s tourism position in the global Food & Beverage Industry.

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Commitment to Excellence

Under his new role, Ketut passionately vows to generate a cadre of exceptional human resources—talented, independent, and competent professionals adept at navigating the ever-changing demands of the culinary and tourism industry. His plans focus deeply on being AGILE—ensuring adaptability, resilience, cooperation, swift learning, and high achievement in all situations—a skill set essential for the modern workforce

This commitment was echoed by Syaifulah, the Director of Industry Management at the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, who formally officiated the inauguration. Reflecting on this transition, Syaifulah praised Ketut’s visionary leadership capabilities and declared ongoing support from the ministry to bolster initiatives aimed at reshaping Indonesia’s culinary landscape.

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Future Endeavours and Strategic Initiatives 


Ketut also delineated the blueprint for IFBEC’s proactive engagements on the horizon, such as their involvement in upcoming high-profile appearances and strategic collaborations. IFBEC will participate in the Boao Global Conference on the Development of Ethnic Culture and Tourism Industry in Hainan, China, the prestigious F&B Asia (FHA) in Singapore, and Culinaire Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur. These platforms not only represent significant networking hubs but also serve as avenues to showcase the Food & Beverage industry and Indonesia’s rich culinary heritage on an international scale.

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A Unified Vision


Under the visionary’ NAWA Cadudasa’ initiative, Ketut Darmayasa’s strategy for IFBEC features an ambitious blueprint of 9 key strategic projects designed to orchestrate a harmonious unification of efforts across a vast array of interconnected sectors. His comprehensive plan ambitiously aligns the coordinated contributions of academia, industry leaders, professional communities, and government bodies, knitting them into a singular force to significantly advance Indonesia’s Food & Beverage (F&B) and tourism industries.

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During his inauguration speech, Ketut Darmayasa fervently detailed his commitment to this cause, driving home the notion of collaboration as the bedrock of sustainable development and pledging to catalyse Indonesia onto the global F&B scene with a focus on innovation, synergy, and sustainability.

“By embracing these strategic, unified, and sustainable approaches under the ‘NAWA Cadudasa’ framework, we are not just planning for immediate impact but are laying the groundwork for a legacy that will elevate Indonesia’s culinary tourism to a position of international acclaim,” 

This robust amalgamation of efforts promises to enrich Indonesia’s culinary touristic allure and establish a benchmark for excellence, setting Indonesia on a trajectory towards becoming an indisputable global epicentre of culinary expertise and innovative tourism experiences.

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A Vision for Talented Human Resources


Ketut’s acceptance speech highlighted his dedication to creating a workforce that embodies agility and excellence. “Our main mission is to empower and nurture professionals who are not only skilled but are adaptable and resilient in the fast-paced F&B industry,” Ketut announced during his inaugural address. His strategic focus on developing key competencies is expected to enhance Indonesia’s growing reputation in the global F&B landscape.

Syaifulah, the Director of Industry Management at the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, who presided over the inauguration, echoed this sentiment. He stated, “Supporting Ketut’s leadership is part of our commitment to promoting innovation within the tourism industries. We are poised to back any initiative that aligns with our goal of uplifting Indonesia’s F&B industry to world-class standards.”

Acknowledgements and Invitations


Ketut Darmayasa expressed profound gratitude for the trust and responsibility bestowed upon him and called on all members of IFBEC to actively join hands in this transformative journey. “With a united front, we can make a significant impact and set new standards in the F&B industry,” concluded.
He also extended his gratitude to the Indonesian government for its support and encouragement.

He thanked President Joko Widodo, Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya, and Minister of Industry Airlangga Hartarto for their vision and leadership in promoting Indonesia as a global culinary destination.The event was attended by esteemed guests and representatives from the Indonesian government, industry associations, media and other stakeholders.

A Bright Future Ahead: IFBA Endorses Ketut Darmayasa’s Visionary Leadership


On behalf of the International Food & Beverage Association (IFBA), we extend our warmest congratulations to Ketut Darmayasa on his inauguration as the General Chairman of the Central Executive Board of IFBEC. President Hai Poh and the entire IFBA committee are thrilled by the prospects of Ketut’s visionary leadership and the transformative paths it is set to unveil for Indonesia’s culinary sectors and beyond. 

“In stepping into this prestigious role, Ketut Darmayasa exemplifies the pinnacle of dedication and vision that the food and beverage industry aspires to worldwide. His leadership heralds a new era of innovation and collaboration for Indonesia and the global community.

On behalf of the International Food & Beverage Association, I express our profound enthusiasm for the journey ahead under Ketut’s guidance. Together, we will carve paths that elevate our industries to new heights, nurturing a culture of excellence and mutual growth. Congratulations, Ketut, on your well-deserved appointment. Your voyage is our inspiration, and your vision is our shared ambition.”

– Hai Poh, International Food & Beverage Association President.

Strengthening Global F&B Strategies


In this spirit of unity and progress, we at IFBA commit to working alongside Ketut, IFBEC, and various countries worldwide to promote global collaboration and synergies. The strategic endeavours laid out by Ketut, primarily through the ‘NAWA Cadudasa initiative, provide a solid framework for creating sustainable and impactful development within the culinary tourism sector. We recognize the immense potential for such cooperative efforts to elevate the global F&B landscape, ensuring that our collective expertise and resources are harnessed to build a brighter, more creative future for tourism in Indonesia and beyond.

As we embark on this exciting journey together, we look forward to the evolution and accomplishments that Ketut’s leadership will bring to IFBEC. With a shared vision of excellence and innovation, we are eager to witness the fruition of this new chapter under Ketut’s stewardship — a chapter that promises growth for Indonesia’s F&B industry and a deeper, more enriched global collaboration that benefits us all. Here’s to building lasting legacies and exploring new horizons that will undoubtedly reshape the world’s culinary and touristic landscapes.

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