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AGM and Networking Dinner: Shaping the Future of the Food and Hospitality Sector


On the evening of April 26, 2024, the PARKROYAL COLLECTION Pickering, located in the heart of Singapore, hosted the Food and Beverage Management Association Singapore’s Annual General Meeting. The meeting was followed by an energetic Networking Dinner, which brought together industry professionals in a display of unity and ambition. The event was a true celebration of companionship and aspiration within the industry.

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Companionship and Aspiration: FBMA’s Recipe for Industry Bonding


The event showcased an array of delectable dishes and meaningful conversations. The carefully curated menu served as a foundation for fostering strong relationships among members, friends, and industry partners through shared experiences and laughter. 

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With a heartfelt nod to solidarity, the FBMA also expressed profound thanks to Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore for their unwavering support and commitment to the Association’s endeavours.

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FBMA Singapore Welcomes New President in Key Transition


During the event, Kung Teong Wah handed over the Presidency to Gwee Lens, a vital succession planning step for the Association’s continuity. Under Kung Teong Wah’s strong leadership, the Association successfully weathered the storm of a global pandemic and navigated the challenges of COVID-19, demonstrating resilience and adaptability. With Gwee Lens now at the helm,  it is poised to steer the Association toward new heights, expanding and elevating the vibrant food and beverage industry landscape.

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IFBA President Cheong Hai Poh’s Inspiring Remarks


This turning point wasn’t just significant for FBMA Singapore but resonated within the larger tapestry of the International Food and Beverage Association (IFBA). As Cheong Hai Poh, the President of IFBA, graced the event with his presence, he lent a voice to the collective spirit, fostering unity across the industry’s horizon. His affirming words not only honoured the Association’s efforts but also sparked the inspiration for a collaborative future.

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Emphasising the importance of Gwee’s election, Hai Poh Cheong remarked, “Congratulations, Lens Gwee, on your well-deserved victory! Your election symbolises a unanimous trust in your leadership qualities, marked by integrity, dedication, and a visionary perspective.”
Hai Poh assured Gwee of the organisation’s full support, expressing a firm belief in his ability to steer FBMA Singapore towards unprecedented achievements. “Your leadership will not only lead FBMA Singapore to new successes but also signify a brighter future filled with progress, innovation, and prosperity,” he stated, highlighting the anticipation for Gwee’s term to embody remarkable achievements and a transformative impact on the industry.

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Additionally, Hai Poh paid tribute to the outgoing President, Kung Teong Wah, acknowledging his substantial contributions and the strong foundation he established for FBMA. “Kung Teong Wah’s inspirational leadership has paved the way for FMBA’s continued success. His efforts have significantly fortified the Association,” Hai Poh commented, expressing deep appreciation for Kung’s dedication and service.

Industry Leaders: A Portrait of an Interconnected Community. 


The networking night was elevated by the presence of a distinguished assembly of industry leaders and associations, including the spirited cooperatives from the Singapore Hotel Association, who stood shoulder to shoulder. Esteemed presidents from the Singapore Chef Association, Purchasing Association, Housekeeping Association, Room Division Association, Bartender Association, and the Concierge Association shared their presence, painting a portrait of an interconnected community.

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Mixing Potentials: FBMA’s Collaborative Vision


Within this kaleidoscope of support, vision, partnership, and industry excellence, President Lens shared his aspiration to embrace collaboration and climb to new pinnacles of success for FBMA Singapore through perpetual partnership with these remarkable stakeholders.

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FBMA Singapore Embarks on a New Journey with Fresh Leadership and Vision


The event buzzed with the excitement of forging new bonds and reinforcing existing ones. Renowned figures such as Jennifer Ong, the dynamic CEO of HAPA; Mr. and Mrs. Han Bin, esteemed Chairman of the Asia Pacific Hotels Alliance; and the far-sighted Mr. Gao, President of the Asia Pacific Food Supply Chain, made their mark.

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Jocelyn Chng, the savvy Managing Director of Sin Hwa Dee, networked with purpose alongside the CEO and Co-Founder of JR Groups. Celebrated TV personalities Mr. and Mrs. Moses Lim shared their infectious energy. Meanwhile, Ms. Raquel Chua, the creative force behind Chocolate Chamber, and Mr. Wu, the China Cultural Tourism Secretary General, lent their prestigious influence to the tapestry of the evening.

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Nurturing Global Hospitality Collaboration


As conversations flourished and connections deepened, the evening brimmed with excitement for joint ventures and shared initiatives. With President Lens at the helm, endorsed by a network of formidable leaders, FBMA Singapore is bound for an inspiring journey to champion innovative and exceptional experiences across the global hospitality and food sectors. This gathering wasn’t just an evening of connections; it was a beacon for what the future holds—unifying industry leaders to shape the world of food and beverage on a journey of growth towards hospitality beyond borders.

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In the spirit of this global collaboration and with the anticipation of what’s to come, we at the IFBA are eager to work hand-in-hand with Lens Gwee. Together, we’ll strive for the shared goal of a food and beverage industry that celebrates every flavour, respects every palate, and welcomes every innovation. We’re ready for fresh ideas and new challenges, confident in our shared mission and emboldened by the knowledge that our industry’s potential is truly limitless. Cheers to the days ahead, filled with unparalleled opportunities, transformative ideas, and the kind of success that only comes from the heart of passionate hospitality.

Highlights of the Event 

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