Another Milestone for International Food & Beverage Association

IFBA is honored to receive an invitation for the Singapore Laiyang China Pre-made Food and Green Group event from March 5th to 9th, 2024.


The mission of the Singapore Laiyang pre-made food inspection group encompasses three key objectives:


Enhancing Understanding and Market Insight:


• The delegation, led by Han Bin, Chairman of the Asia-Pacific Hotel Alliance of Singapore, together with IFBA President Cheong Hai Poh seized the opportunity for an on-site visit to Laiyang. Through direct exchanges with local governments and enterprises, both sides aimed to deepen their understanding. IFBA’s key delegation delved into comprehending the production scale, product types, and other aspects of Laiyang’s prefabricated food and vegetable industry. Concurrently, this visit facilitated a direct understanding of Singapore’s and South East Asia market needs and taste preferences. The goal is to align Laiyang’s prefabricated food and vegetable products with Singapore’s market and South East Asia demand, exploring the possibility of customized products and further expanding into the Southeast Asian market.


Exclusive Partnership for Market Integration:


• To align with market demands effectively, the delegation actively pursued an exclusive agency agreement with the Asia-Pacific Food Supply Chain Private Limited Company for Laiyang Prefabricated Food and Vegetables in setting up Singapore as key centre. Negotiations with the Laiyang Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government aimed at establishing a comprehensive agreement and a future Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with IFBA. This strategic move seeks to reduce market competition pressure, fostering a more favorable environment for market promotion in Singapore and Southeast Asia.


Establishing an Overseas R&D Center:


• Consultations were initiated with the China Science and Technology Foundation, the Laiyang Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, and the Laiyang Prefabricated Food and Vegetable Production Alliance. The objective is to explore the feasibility of setting up an overseas Research and Development (R&D) center in Singapore. The delegation aims to form a preliminary plan regarding the establishment of the overseas R&D center, including the cost-sharing mechanism and other pertinent matters.

















































The distinguished delegation comprises key personnel, including Cheong Hai Poh, President of IFBA, and representatives from prominent organizations such as Asia-Pacific Food Supply Chain Holdings Co., Ltd. The collaborative efforts between Singapore and Laiyang are underscored by a shared commitment to fostering international cooperation in the realm of pre-made food and vegetables.

Notable figures in the delegation include Han Bin, Chairman of the Asia-Pacific Hotel Alliance of Singapore, head of the delegation, Cheong Hai Poh, President International Food and Beverage Association (IFBA), Dino Lim, President of the Singapore Catering Industry Chamber of Commerce, Gao Jinxu, Chairman of Asia-Pacific Food Supply Chain Holdings Co., Ltd., Derrick Lee, Treasurer International Food and Beverage (IFBA), Mark Chan Kin Pheng, Food and Beverage Management Singapore (FBMA), Kua Hwee Cheng, Director of Asia-Pacific Food Supply Chain Holdings Co., Ltd, Lyu Xiaoyue, Assistant to the Chairman of Asia-Pacific Food Supply Chain Holdings Co., Ltd, as well key officials from Laiyang.

This convergence of expertise aims to strengthen ties, drive innovation, and create mutually beneficial opportunities in the pre-made food and vegetable industry.


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