A Catalyst for Global Collaboration

At the Boao Forum for Asia International Conference Center in Hainan, China, distinguished industry leaders and government officials convened for the inauguration of the Boao Global Ethnic Cultural Tourism Industry Development Conference. This momentous gathering marked a significant advancement in the realm of cultural tourism, providing a vital platform for international collaboration and progress. Among the attendees were prominent figures such as government dignitaries, corporate representatives, leading experts in the field, and influential media personalities from the global cultural tourism sector. Together, they launched the conference, underscoring its pivotal objectives and the myriad opportunities it presents for growth and cooperation.


A Landmark Event: Inaugurating the Boao Global Ethnic Cultural Tourism Industry Development Conference

The press conference and inauguration ceremony held on March 10th in Boao, Hainan, China, emphasized the profound importance of this initiative on both national and international scales.

Unveiling a New Era of Collaboration in Cultural Tourism

Ethnic culture and tourism resources are not only important bridges to display the national image, promote foreign exchanges, and enhance win-win cooperation, but also important content to promote domestic demand, promote the market and unblock the domestic cycle. As a high-level dialogue platform and display voice platform with both Asian characteristics and world-class influence, Boao has a strong driving force for the development and cooperation of the global national culture and tourism industry.

In line with this ethos, the organizing committee of the Boao Global Ethnic Cultural Tourism Industry Development Conference jointly hold the “Boao Global Ethnic Cultural Tourism Industry Development Conference” in Boao, Hainan in September 2024. Focusing on the core of “cultural and plastic tourism, tourism with tourism”, it brings together the world’s excellent national cultural and tourism resources and joins hands with the cultural tourism industry. Comrades in the world will jointly discuss the new direction of innovation and development of cultural tourism integration, provide opportunities for the development of culture and tourism of all ethnic groups around the world, and promote the further development of the global ethnic cultural tourism industry.

Message from IFBA: A Pivotal Moment in Global Collaboration


During the event, Hai Poh Cheong, President of the International Food & Beverage Association (IFBA), delivered a pivotal message, signifying a new chapter of collaboration. Accepting the role of Deputy Chairman alongside Han Bin Chairman of the Asia-Pacific Hotel Alliance of Singapore. Mr. Cheong articulated IFBA’s commitment to nurturing China’s tourism, hospitality, and food & beverage landscape. Their collective aspiration to elevate service standards globally resonates as a testament to the transformative potential of collaborative endeavors.

“On behalf of IFBA, I am honored to accept as Deputy Chairman jointly with Han Bin. We look forward to adding value in starting a new chapter for China in their tourism, hospitality, and Food & Beverage journey. Our aim is to support the elevation of global service standards across nations. Three cheers to our collaboration!”

Charting a New Course: Unveiling Collaborative Opportunities in Cultural Tourism

Today’s press conference is a significant milestone in promoting international cooperation and fostering innovation within the global cultural tourism industry. With IFBA’s dedication to excellence and collaboration, the Boao Global Ethnic Cultural Tourism Industry Development Conference is set to catalyze transformative change in the global cultural tourism landscape.

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